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(But we recommend you to read it; it's pretty short.)

Northern lights in TromsøNorway is a country in northern Europe, with about 5 million inhabitants. Most of them speak Norwegian, which is the official language in the whole country (and not in any other country of the world). There are two variants of written Norwegian: Bokmål and Nynorsk. You are going to learn Bokmål, which is the variant with most users (almost 90%). After you've made your way through this tutorial, Norwegian will have one more speaker: you.

If you have even more time to afford before starting, you can read a page that tells you about this website.

Before you begin learning a language it's always a good idea to have a dictionary. It's recommended to buy one in a book store, but if you don't want to spend your money on learning a language - after all, you decided to try out this free tutorial - there exist some free online dictionaries too. Some online dictionaries are found on the links page.

You navigate through the lessons by using the big blue arrows at the bottom of each page, or the small blue arrows at the upper left corner of the page. Spend some time on each page, and try to learn and understand everything it says before you proceed to the next page. After finishing a lesson, you can read through it one more time if you feel it necessary.

Words in a light blue frame are new, and you should learn them. You'll need to remember many of them to answer the exercises that appear from time to time.
New verbs appear in a darker blue frame. You should learn these as well.

This button is situated in the upper right corner of every page (except this one). When you click it, a short pronunciation guide pops up (turn off pop-up blockers).

Throughout the pages there will appear additional buttons, but these will be explained later.

In the exercises you have to write in Norwegian, and Norwegian has three letters that you probably don't find on your keyboard if you haven't bought your computer in Norway: Æ Ø Å. So how do I type them?! Don't worry, there are at least three ways for you to do that:

  1. Change your keyboard language into Norwegian.

  2. Use Alt-codes.

  3. Open this window, keep it open, and copy-paste the letters whenever you need them.

Read more about the three options here.

Keep in mind that it takes time to learn a language, so take your time (pun intended). The tutorial is divided into lessons, and each lesson includes several pages. Spend the time you need on every page, and at least one day per lesson.

Well, it seems like the time has come to start learning Norwegian! Click the right arrow below to proceed to the first page.

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