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Typing in Norwegian


Typing Norwegian letters

If you don't have a Norwegian keyboard, you won't find the letters on it. There are at least three ways to type these letters, and we'll start with the easiest one:

1. Change your keyboard language

This might sound like a big change to do, but relax, it's not that big at all. If you're using Windows, you probably have these small icons at the bottom right of your screen (or wherever you have placed the task bar):
or etc.

If not, you can add it by going to Control Panel -> Keyboard.
To change to a Norwegian keyboard, click the small arrow, and then "Adjustments". Here you can add a Norwegian keyboard. You can now switch between your default keyboard and the Norwegian keyboard by clicking the biggest button with the two letters (in this case: NO) and select the keyboard you want. If you are afraid of having messed up the whole computer because you changed to the keyboard settings, you can change it back with two clicks.

The Norwegian keyboard looks approximately like this:

You can see that you'll find next to P, is next to L, and one more key to the right you'll find . To type the symbols that appear at the bottom right corner of the keys, hold down Alt Gr and press the key with the desired symbol. If your keyboard doesn't have any key called "Alt Gr", you hold down Ctrl and Alt at the same time as a substitute for this one.
This is how you type the accented letter "": Press Alt Gr (or Ctrl+Alt) and don't remove you finger from the key. Then press the key situated to the left of Backspace. Remove all your fingers, and press "a". Voil!

2. Use the Alt-codes

If you for some reason can't change the keyboard language, you can use the so-called Alt-codes. It works like this: You press the Alt button and keep holding your finger on it. Then press the code of the desired letter on the numeric keypad (the numbers you normally find the right of your keyboard), remove your finger from the Alt-button, and the letter will appear.

And the codes that you'll might need, they are here:

= 0230 = 0248 = 0229 = 0233 = 0244 = 0242
= 0198 = 0216 = 0197 = 0201 = 0212 = 0210

3. Copy and paste

The last option is to open a window with the letters, and keep it open all the time. Then you can highlight the letter you need, copy it (Ctrl + C), and paste it (Ctrl + V) into the textbox you are typing in.

Click here to open the window with the letters.

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